Beautiful abandoned Chicago church.

Old abandoned church in Chicago with everything left behind.

200ft abandoned silo climb.

Climbing a ladder to the top of this old abandoned silo.

Abandoned animal research facility

Exploring an abandoned animal research facility with lights and power still on.

Exploring an abandoned Detroit school.

Massive abandoned school we explored on a recent trip to Detroit.

Exploring an abandoned St. Louis church/school.

This church and school is over 120 years old. It's not in the best shape anymore but it's a classic St. Louis landmark.

Exploring an abandoned concrete factory.

This concrete factory has been abandoned since 2008, but has plans to be put to use by a new company.

Exploring an abandoned factory.

Abandoned factory explore with a close call on the roof.

Exploring an abandoned mall.

Went back to this abandoned mall to get some video before they demolish it. It's been abandoned for a while and is pretty trashed but it's always a fun explore.

Exploring an abandoned hospital.

Just happened to drive by this place, didn't even know what it was when we first found it. It wound up being one of my favorite explores.

Exploring an abandoned school.

Big abandoned school with an olympic sized swimming pool and two gyms.

Exploring an abandoned brewery.

Definitely one of the most fun explores I've been on. This place is big and has a lot of history.

Exploring an abandoned prison.

Just a short video showcasing some of what we found in this abandoned prison. There were a few suprises I wasn't expecting.

Exploring an abandoned St. Louis school.

One of the many abandoned schools is St. Louis. This one was actually in decent shape.

Exploring an abandoned orphanage.

Short video of an abandoned orphanage we explored. This one was a little depressing but a great explore none the less.

Exploring a trashed abandoned hospital.

This hospital was in pretty bad shape but it was still a fun explore.